Sunday, June 25, 2017

Summer, Winter - take your pic(ture).

Ever wonder where time goes?

Yeah, me too.

Well, don't look here for the answer - 'cause I ain't got it. (gotta love good grammar, eh!!)

That said, we just hit the, "Oh my God (aka OMG) it's SUMMER and I haven't even put away my WINTER clothing", time of year.

Finally SUMMER has arrived. It'll last 5 minutes, but hey, it's here - PARTEEEEE! Yeah, right!

Of course if you're a Down Under dweller you've got that, "Oh my God (aka OMG) I'm so glad I live here not there where it's WINTER 365", thang going on.


I thought I'd pop in here to my dormant blog and say....




Make the most of the season you're in because you'll turn around twice and the whole deal will be done and you'll be wondering what the hell just happened.

Life happens - help it along - enjoy - party on - stop and smell a rose, or at least take its picture.

A rose by any other name...

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Success! LCHF cures diabetes.

Well? Did that title pique your curiosity? I hope so.

Quick timeline overview:

July 2015 - I started my mother (then 83) on a Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) program. Her diabetes was literally killing her. She was done. She no longer wanted to live with the continuing weight gain, the ever increasing insulin injections, the diabetic neuropathy and its associated pain - in short her go to statement at the time was, "Kill me, I don't want to live like this." Yes, that was what she asked her family physician each and every time she saw him.

October 2015 - By this time I had taken my mother off her anti-depressant, her cholesterol meds, a potent pain medication - which I replaced with CBD (a derivative of cannabis), I reduced her insulin injections by half... and her weight was significantly down.

Note - mother's GP was stunned when he saw her, yet he chastised me for "playing doctor" - like he was doing a better job.

2016 - continued to reduce mother's insulin, she continued to lose weight.

Present time - as of April 15th my mother NO LONGER INJECTS INSULIN INTO HER BODY. She is down a full 29 pounds. Now when she sees her family doctor she states, "I want to live."

And, her family doctor has quietly acknowledged my success, sheepishly saying he wouldn't have believed it if he hadn't seen it with his own eyes.

Further, he tells me he's looking into this "LCHF stuff" but that he has to be careful because it goes AGAINST the Canadian Medical Association's advice and he could get in trouble. Go figure.

In light of all this amazing, and continued success, I invite you to visit a website I have put together to focus on sharing what I have learned on this journey.

On this blog I will share the websites I look at, the books I devour (there are many, and it's ongoing), the doctors/scientists/researchers that support LCHF thinking, and the research - the endless research that once and for all refutes the very bad and deleterious advice from one Ancel Keys - a man whose sole mission was to prove all fats caused coronary heart disease (CHD).

Ancel Keys, in my opinion, was worse then some of the noted war criminals and dictators that have marked history for he is still killing from the grave because of the entrenched hold he has, to this day, on the American Medical Association (AMA), the American Heart Association (AHA) and the American government.

The rampant obesity, diabetes, countless neurological disorders afflicting children right on up to seniors can be, without denial, attributed to the unproven diet/heart hypothesis spread maliciously by Ancel Keys. With his forceful and denigrating manner he pushed his unproven and seriously flawed hypothesis onto the AMA, the AHA, and even the government of his time. He should be rolling over in his grave with shame for what he's done to the American people.








YOU WILL CURE YOUR DIABETES. (Type 2 Diabetes is a food related disorder - stop eating foods that require insulin and you'll cure yourself of diabetes. IT IS A FACT.)


Come join me as I continue to help my mother regain the good health she was robbed of by bad advice from doctors who should have been willing to listen to their own GUT INSTINCT and challenge a system that has been failing patients for over 70 years.

To your health,


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Having fun with #HASHTAGS

So much has changed, out here, and behind the scenes. Hence the long hiatus.

I'm dropping in to say HELLO.

I have been using Twitter for a while now and can be found @PearsonReport where I share a thought or two. With Twitter's 140 characters limit I can easily send out a quick tweet without investing the time normally needed to put a blog post together.

However, as I have said before I miss blogging and feel it's still a great way to share bits of our selves on a platform that has a few more options, as in more words, more pictures... a little more room for content.

Let me state, for the record, I do not do Facebook. Never felt the calling. I do feel the wine calling though! So, for me, it's a win-wine thing! LOL

As of 03/10/17, upon the encouragement of my daughter, Courtney, I have made the leap into the wide world of Instagram. Yet another bit of social media.

Will I last? I think so, as it seems the ideal in between fix - not quite a tweet, and not quite a blog post. I like it!

I can be found @jenny_pearson_report where I have, at the time of writing this, a total of 6 posts. Go me!  LOL

As with Twitter, and even out here on Blogger, I follow that which I know I will look at, read, enjoy and otherwise feel happy about investing time in. Please do not read anything into this, I only mean that as time is so limited I really keep my followings reigned in.

The reason for my visit here, today, is to share a little HASHTAG 101 on social media, in particular Instagram, and to a lesser degree Twitter.

I have discovered the real way to get exposure is not by worrying about your Followers, they will come and stay if the content is to their liking, but by knowing how to use HASHTAGS (#).

That's right... it's all in the hashtags. And how do I know this... well here, let me explain.

When I signed up with Instagram I had NO followers - stands to reason, right. So, the first thing I did was I followed my daughter's two accounts and a couple of friends. Okay, so far so good.

I then posted a picture of some colouring I am doing. Yes, you read that right. I am colouring a horse - call it mental relaxation therapy, as it is mindless and truly relaxing. I also find it is getting me comfortable with working with colours, and colour shading.

Here is the photo I used for my first Instagram post... click on it to see the bird on the back of the horse. I am still finishing this piece as the shading takes time. But, I'm in no rush.

When I posted this photo I used 6 hashtags in total.
The viewing potential was limited, and I received 4 likes, which I thought was so exciting.

It was during my 1st post and 4th post that I did some extensive Instagram research.

How does one get VIEWED... that was my question and I went searching for answers.

Did you know on Instagram you can use up to 30 hashtags - more and your post won't show any. I found this out during my research phase.

So, here is the picture for my 6th post...

During my wanderings around Instagram I found some incredible 2D drawings that looked like 3D. I was so fascinated by @willie_hsu_art version of this, which is totally amazing, that I had to figure it out.

NOW HERE'S THE EXCITING BIT... I used 29 hashtags, all art and drawing related.

I got 44 likes - and 9 followers (some from my 5th post as I employed my hashtag principle there too).

So... if you are on Instagram, and want more VIEWERS then you really need to focus on adding hashtags. (they work great with Twitter too - upping the exposure of Tweets)

Here's a little bonus... I made a hashtag folder in the Notes section on my iPhone - this take a few minutes to do, but I made up 3 different versions (portrait work, random sketching, and a LCHF version for my baking). This way I can copy and paste my hashtags without much fuss.

Yes, leave it to me to be that organized - time is money. Hashtagging takes time, so I've taken that step out of the process.

In closing... may I just say, I still visit, I seldom if ever comment, and I'll understand if you don't either, time being what it is - in short supply and running out fast.

That said... here is my question (yes, I still ask questions).

Do you use HASHTAGS, and if so do you find they help bring visitors to your social media sites, like Instagram and Twitter?

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Rainy day chore - housecleaning my blog.

The rain is making puddles deep enough for cars to disappear in. It is warm in my home, for this I am grateful. I can't imagine braving the streets today on any level.

Yesterday I posted, after a few months absence. I miss blogging if you really want to know.

Since my car accident, back on Feb 4th, I've shied away from time at my computer, well, unnecessary time that is, which sadly is what blogging is for me at present. I do have to sit and do some business related work on my computer, that's the extent of how uncooperative my neck and shoulders are.

A few weeks ago I started with a Chiropractor - amazing.

He did stress I was to stay away from anything that required me to lower my head (chin to chest stuff) and that is exactly what working on a computer encompasses.

I created a standing work station which has been great, but I fatigue very quickly and as such get discouraged and then resign myself to not even bothering. Hence my absence here.

Blogging seems to have changed - how do I know this?

Well, I took a trip over to the "Manage Blogs I'm Following" page and saw I was following 257 blogs.

I now follow 73.

Yes... that's right 73.

Sad state of affairs because virtually all I deleted were inactive. Meaning no new posts in the last 2-3 years. I figured if a blog did not have a new post in over two years it was time to say goodbye to it.

I was stunned by the number that were outright shut down. A sign of the direction blogging is taking I thought.

And yet...

There is something about letting fingers fly over the keyboard (thank goodness for backspace) and sharing a little of one's world with others.

Whatever that something is we do like sharing, don't we?

We also like knowing we are visited and read (from time to time), that makes the whole experience all the more special.

I am satisfied with my housecleaning. Yet I wonder where those inactive bloggers have gone to, what they are up to, and if life is treating them well. My simple wish is that it is. This little wish accompanied every tap of the button which would forever remove those blogs from my list.

Sort of sad, eh.

But, life drifts on, regardless.

Hmm, that was my sentiment yesterday and it still hangs in the air today.

I realize life really moves at its own sweet pace. For some that means staying the course (blogging with some regularity), for others it means veering left (or right) and finding a new path.

To all the bloggers remaining on my List, thanks for blogging, for visiting, for adding a little something extra as I make my way through life - you are a part of the path I am presently on.

Now tell me...

Have you done any blog housecleaning of your own?


Friday, October 07, 2016

Time drifts on, regardless.

When I last posted I was on route to the Vancouver Story Slam - I had a blast. 

No, I did not take home the gold, aka 1st prize. (nor 2nd or 3rd for that matter)

But then, that was never my goal - I aimed to read one of my Flash Fiction pieces in public and that is what I did.

I was the second of ten readers - not the best "impact" position, however, I was happy with my read and with the reaction to it.

Alas, it was not a funny piece and it appears, well at least on this particular day, humour took home the gold.

Whereby Mommy Dearest advised, "Ja, da next time you make dem laugh because you are da funny one."

Okey dokey...

However, I don't bow to the pressures of what the public wants as much as I bow to what I  wish to give the public - giving them something dark and morbid was right up my alley that day.

I read this piece titled "A Few More Minutes". (added here for your perusal - please enjoy)

Ches looked out the window and wondered how far a drop it was. His meds were wearing off and the doctor wouldn’t refill his prescription until the end of the day. 

He damned himself for doubling up the dose but he loved the places they took him to, and lately he wanted to be there all the time.

Voices called to him from outside the window. This time he opened the small lower portion and stuck his head out. All Ches could see was the fire escape ladder. 

His window was right below the top landing, not within arm’s reach of anything. If there was a fire he would have to jump to the lower landing.

Looking down at it he had the oddest sensation the landing was moving upward, coming closer and closer to him. 

He pried open the window as far as it would go and inched his body out. When the metal landing was within reach he thrust his hands toward it and slid out of the window headlong down the building.

Looks like the landing hadn’t moved after all. 

Ches lay in a heap unable to move, his eyes darting in every direction as he watched twisted limbs poke through the decaying wall, trying to grab him. 

Slithering charred bodies inched their way up and down the building toward him. 

No one had seen Ches fall, or even heard the thud. Seems his number was finally up. 

Or not, as the fire escape door creaked open releasing a faint, whimpering voice that filled the air with suffocating heaviness.  It came closer and closer to his face then the voice was upon him, pleading in his ear. 

Help me Daddy, help me.

The thunderous screeching of train wheels, grinding to an emergency stop, now pierced his ears and bore a hole in his skull. 

Ches tried to reach up and cover his ears, no chance, his arms were laying there, off to the side, totally detached from his body. Though he saw no blood he knew they were his arms. The tattoos were the giveaway. 

And, when did he get that big rat tattoo? he wondered as his eyes rolled back in his head.

Voices came and went, and light soon faded to dark. All around the air grew rancid, putrid bile clinging to unwashed hair. 

Ches opened his eyes to see his legs walking away from him, all that was left was a blob that was his dismembered body. 

He called out, and laughed at what he heard. He cawed, a piercing cry, as he tried to scare off the other crows trying to take his kill.

Who’s been killed? he wondered, as he laughed and cawed again. He watched as crows started ripping his chest apart. Pecking furiously at his breastbone, pulling back more flesh. 

With great effort he rolled his armless, legless blob of a body over. Now, face down he looked through the sewer grate in the street where he had fallen. 

Peering back were bloodied, scab riddled, vacant faces, jeering. Some poked long glass shards at his eyes. 

One oozing, bloodshot eyeball now hung loose alongside his nose. Lifting, and shaking his head from side to side he watched it like a hypnotist’s pendant. 

The pleading voice still echoing in his head. Daddy, Daddy.

His heartbeat faded, his remaining eye closed. The cawing grew muffled and the shards disappeared. 

Slowly, his breathing grew rhythmic.

"Looks like we got to him in time. A few more minutes and he’d’ave been a goner." 

"Maybe that’a been for the best. They say his wife and kid never had a chance. He should’ve died with them, ‘cause what he’s doing sure ain’t living.”

There you have it.

Now, my seriously excellent buddy, Gerry, gave me this feedback, “You’ll need more meat on the bone if you expect the average dude to get it.”

Well, there will be no more meat - and that’s that. 


On to other things...

I was in Montreal, Quebec the other day and here are some shots of that little adventure.

Dare I say... what a beautiful city; very European, and definitely worth a second trip. 


Must start any vacation in the right frame of mind.. and body.
Walk to the top of Mont-Royal, seems I wasn't alone in that idea.
The view... okay, worth the hike!
A tad disappointed with this "tourist attraction" considering all the hype!
What goes up must come down! 
Check out the bike rack! In the University area.
It's the staircase that got me. You too?
Young love - immortalized.
The things some aliens will do to get in my shots - tentacles galore!
Museum of Fine Art - Pompeii Exhibit. Oh yeah!!

Yes, I took this photo. What can I say, I'm into all things cheeky!

The end of my POMPEII pics.
(A billion more, but I know there's a limit, eh!)
Lots of churches in Montreal... I mean lots. 
The Big One - Basilica Notre-Dame.
(I've seen bigger in Germany, but hey, this was pretty impressive.)
Yes, I took this - don't know how it looks like I pinched if from some 1940s movie though. 
When under construction, buildings are under wraps - fake exterior wraps.
The wind picked up and whipped it around.
End result. 
One of many historical streets in Old Montreal. 
Chatting it up with a couple of solid gals. 
A touch of times gone by.

Time really does drift on... so stop and drink in the beauty around you.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


This is pretty epic for me.

Some of you loyal hanger-ons ,dropping in now and then to see if the vultures have stopped swarming around my carcass, know I am passionate about writing.

Well, did you know I am also passionate about reading.

Last year I ventured down the Flash Fiction highway and loved the journey.

So much so, that I’ve been putting my stories together for a book.

The ISBN number is waiting patiently as I stumble and trip over the “how to get it published” part. Which, by the way, lead me to discover I don’t need the costly addition of photos to actually print the stories. 

Well, blow me down and fluff up my feathers - I did not figure this out until July 12th.

July 12th...

a day to remember, well, until August 9th arrives, and then that will also be a day to remember.

Back to the 12th though - I went to the Cottage Bistro and bent an ear while 10 storytellers did their thing. 

It was then I figured that I too would like to tell a tale - a scary, spine chilling, freak-you-out sort of story, you know, the kind I like to write.


That would be the draw to be a storyteller for the upcoming August 9th Vancouver Story Slam.

And today, after four days of suspense - where I confess I breathed in deeply from my lavender essential oil bottle and imbibed of the red wine spirit (gods come in many forms) - I was sent the email bearing the subject: “Story Slam draw results”.


So, look out Vancouver - I’m ready to rumble... well, okay...

I’m ready to read! (then rumble!)

If you’re in the hood - drop in and listen, if not... say a word or two to your favourite spirit. Hey, you never know.


I’ve even got two stories I’m polishing. I’ll decide the night of which I’m going to read. 

Kudos to my mother, the great IZ (kinda like OZ, eh) who’s been my audience of one while I read and reread my selections. 

I mean to go in prepared, and come out feeling like I did myself proud.

A special thank you to Bouncin’ Barb and Bushman - two of the best readers a girl could know. Your supportive comments over at WBC (under construction) has brought me to this spot. I’ll take the stage on August 9th knowing your spirits are with me.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Ah, LIFE - what the hell are you doing to me!

So, here's the thing...

I did not finish the 2016 A to Z Challenge. And... that's okay!

Why? Because I gave you all I had at the time.

I've been in rough shape since my Feb 4th epic car accident. Slow to mend, slow to find my inner strength I have left this part of my life on the backburner. And... that's okay too!

Why? Because sometimes we have to prioritize.

What I can say, about this part of life's little journey, is for the most part I am in a happy headspace. Not happy physically, but definitely happy mentally. And... that is really okay!

I have been reading - lots of reading! My reading list is epic. I have a Blog Roll, over there on the right of this post, called TO YOUR HEALTH where I share with you the best of the best writers and doctors supporting Low Carb High Fat.

My current read is Know Your Fats: The Complete Primer for Understanding the Nutrition of Fats, Oils, and Cholesterol by Mary G. Enig, Ph.D

Here's a photo of the books I've been reading... the top being the current read.

As you can see, some of the titles are very much to the point. Take Dr. Jason Fung's book, The Obesity Code - one might think this is only for obese people to read. HA - not a chance!

Anyone, and I mean anyone, that wants to know what goes into the whole "getting fatter" phenomena which is plaguing North American MUST read this book. It's a huge eye opener. I'm also tickled that Dr. Fung is a Canadian doctor working toward reducing this growing (literally) problem here in Canada.

Dr. Fung gets big points on having the first printing of his book done in soft cover, which makes it very affordable to buy.

I actually have a pet peeve to share - that is - all books should be in soft cover to make them affordable for those of us that like to add them to our libraries. (Because I have such a great thing as my own library - another HA.)

Seriously - there's NO need for any of these books to be in hard cover, other than to grab a bigger dollar... tsk, tsk, tsk. A little finger wagging going out to those few that have.


A shout out to Ivy, over at The Happy Whisk - thanks for those sweet notes. You have a way of adding a smile to my day. Hugs coming your way.

I'm waving to Barb in Florida - yes, one of these days we'll get our Skype butts in gear and have that long overdue chat. Hugs to you for thinking of me!

To my Aussie partner in crime - Trish - I want to say thanks for the ongoing giggles and laughs. And for inspiring me to think about picking up my pencils again... still thinking! Getting close - need this damn neck to get better before I can lean over a page and draw.

I'll end this little love fest with a special "thank you" to Linda  - YOU ROCK, it's just that simple - you do! I really appreciate your continued support of all my endeavours, and my follies.

Here's a little fun fact...

I just hooked up to NETFLIX - yup, I am sooooo with it now. Shock and Awe!

Here are the things I've watched this past Saturday and Sunday - in bed on my little Surface 3 Tablet because sitting and holding up my head is painful. (It really is!)

Hotel Transylvania - way too cute.

SPY with Melissa McCarthy - fun and entertaining too!

Prescription Thugs - excellent documentary, worth watching if you have issues with "legal" drug use.

Sugar Coated - WOW is all I can say.
If you're American - YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS.
If you're Canadian, yeah, same sentiment - WATCH THIS! NOW!

Wild with Reese Witherspoon - I enjoyed this movie. Spectacular scenery with a decent storyline.

There you have it - what life's dishing out to me... not all that bad, eh!

If my neck would stopped hurting and my shoulders and back would stop aching I'd be good to go. Right now, I'm good to rest... and I'm taking it one day at a time.

Thanks for dropping by - always happy to have the company!