Wednesday, March 09, 2016


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Well... call me a glutton for punishment.


Maybe I'm just a really thoughtful and devoted blogger. (choking on my spittle as I laugh)

Truth is...

It really is the latter - my topic is important and worth sharing.

To that end...

Following is a peek at my TOPIC line up (subject to change, but currently I'm getting posts done for this list)

YES - shock and awe... 

I, the GREAT JENNY, am doing the UNTHINKABLE...

I am pre-planning my posts.

No winging it this year.

And, the reason for that is...

I actually have a topic I want to share in earnest with you.

DRUM ROLL PLEASE... yes... you do...

My topic for this year's Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is....  #LCHF - low carb high fat

Here's the rough breakdown of what my 26 posts will feature...

A - Attitude Adjustment
B - Backing up the Bus
C - Carbs are POISON
D - Diabetes - the CURE
E - Eating for Energy
F - Food Chart - the right one
G - Gut and Brain connector
H - Hormones, how they effect us
I - Intermittent Fasting
J - Juice nothing, Eat something
K - Ketosis how it works
L - Lose fat by eating fat
M - MEAT, your friend
N - Nothing ventured
O - Oils 
P - Practice makes Perfect
Q - Quantity controls itself
R - Rehash and Review
S - Sugar equals Sickness
T - Taking Stock 
U - Understanding it all
V - Vegetables - green please
W - Wait? for what?
X - eXercise - eXpending energy
Y - You need to take ownership
Z - Zzzz’s, the importance of sleep

I hope you will join me on my quest to share this important topic.

Are you currently following a specific eating program?

If so, what is it, and how is it working for you?

Happy Eating - and Reading!

Yup - that's Miss CP, and bringing up the rear... Me!

My daughter, Courtney Pearson, of was the motivating force behind me signing up for this year's A to Z Challenge. Thank her if I blow it! (eeeeekkkkk)

Her topic, however, will be sure to keep you entertained and fascinated.

Drop in and say HI to her mascot - Tweakfox is totally charming... and ohhhh so cute! 

PS - What to check out some great #LCHF sites?  My TO YOUR HEALTH Blog Roll, on the right, is where you'll find the folks that have inspired my TOPIC.


  1. I look forward to your posts. I don't eat as low carb as I could. As you know, I don't eat gluten or use gluten containing products. I don't eat much sugar, but still more than I should. I am still trying to identify triggers as far as iritis and joint flares go. It's kinda tough to figure out.

    1. Hey Ruth - thanks for dropping by. So... pray tell, are you on board this year too? SAY YES!!!

      You know me, it will be a hoot no matter what the topic and I do try and have fun as well.

      My daughter twisted my arm (the bad one, hurt in a recent car crash) so I was too weak to resist the intimidation tactics. (LOL - cracking up over here)

      I think you will find some of my topics very revealing. I sure have noticed a huge change in my health since going #LCHF (love the hashtag, eh)

      Sending smiles and happy thoughts your way. xxoo

    2. I have not decided yet.
      Lowering carbs does make a huge difference. We used to do pasta a lot. Not so much now.
      I will admit that getting told that I have AS and am just waiting for my body to go to crap and show evidence caused me to fall off the wagon a bit.

    3. Well I hope you do. It feels foreign to me to be planning out my posts. They will be brief, with lots of links and reading suggestions along with a story woven in amongst it all.

      I sometimes wonder what life would be like if we didn't get these diagnosis - would we just go on and fight the good fight? I was given a serious diagnosis back in 2014 - it will be part of my story so I'll keep you in suspense until April, suffice it to say my prognosis was 5 years... well, that just wasn't going to work for me.

      Interesting times is all I can say. Falling off the wagon is sometimes part of the process. Don't beat yourself up, Ruth, it's not worth it.

    4. If I do Yummy Stuff, I have to plan my posts. No way around that. That one is harder.
      I never did eat any gluten as that would have just made it much worse. But, other parts of my diet have not fared so well. I went through the whole
      "I start eating really healthy and my body is crappy anyway so why bother".

    5. Back at the end of 2014, after my bad news, I think I ate everything in sight - made me sicker and fatter.

      After an epic event, last July 2015, which will be featured in my A to Z posts, I took a hard long look at where I was headed. Bad diagnosis or not I still had a life to live, best thing I did was read The Big Fat Surprise, by Nina Teicholz. Changed my life. The link to her website (and book) is over to the right in the TO YOUR HEALTH blog roll section.

    6. I have The Coconut Diet. I don't remember how I ended up with it. But. it changed my views on fat and diet. It is about coconut oil, but also talks about fats in general.

    7. I love all things coconut! I am right now reading The Wahls Protocol - fascinating story of a doctor diagnosed with MS and how she went from being wheelchair bound to full use of her body. She promotes the Paleo principles and really emphasises the importance of saturated fats - particularly coconut oil. I love it.

    8. Not sure I could go full on Paleo. Mostly though. Some things are hard because of where I live.

  2. Mom you totally crack me up! I'm looking forward to reading up on all of the goodies you are going to be sharing! Thanks for the plug hehe! ;)

    1. Hey - fruit of my loins... hahahaha - the tormentor of my weak psyche.
      Well... there's no turning back now. Once I commit, well, you know your Moo - maybe it's better that they "commit" me! hahahaha

      It's going to be fun - glad you motivated me. Thanks. Hugs xxoo

  3. Beer qualifies as LCHF, right?

    As a health nut I'll definitely be checking this out, and I'd love to see how your overall experiences with it have been. I'm also curious how active you are. I train high intensity MMA 1-2 hours daily, 5-6 days a week, and I just can't do LCHF. There's a lot of talk about this diet in the MMA community, and those that have tried it almost always end up crashing and burning. What I do is carb cycling - 1-2 days a week with high carbs, and all other days low carb. It helps keep energy levels up and gives me that explosive power I need to gruel out 2 hours of hard work. Otherwise I have the punching power of a toddler... and that's no good for anyone. :)

    1. LOL - you Beer Boys are too funny - sadly, beer is not on the #LCHF plan - however, don't despair, a good bottle of red is!

      So... since I'm saving lots of my great info for my posts I will send you right over to Dr. Ted Naiman's website.

      Though the website may not appear fancy - it is totally stocked with more concise and useful info on the LCHF concepts than any other.

      Literally start at the top left tab and work your way through them all - you will be quite blown away. And, for what it's worth, the human body needs nutrients from Fats and Proteins but absolutely nothing from Carbs. We've just been sold that bill of goods for the last 70 years.

      I'm here, with my LCHF posse, to help set the record straight. You'll soon see that some of the greatest athletes (from MMA to long distance runners) now focus on fat consumption.

      Lots more to share... but, if you're "hungry" for more start with Nina Teicholz's book, The Big Fat Surprise - and be totally blown away.

      Thanks for stopping by - hope you boys are keep well!

  4. I'm in the A-Z this year too, I found a suitable theme and I'm also prepping my posts. It's just what I like to do. I'll be dropping by here as I'm always interested in nutrition and staying healthy!

    1. Hi DG - as always it's a treat having you drop by. Thank you! I hope life's treating you, and your family, well. I think of you often - when I'm pouring a coffee. :)

      I'm happy you'll be doing the A to Z again and I look forward to seeing what your theme is, you always have great ones.

      This year I'm not assisting so I'm hoping to have time to get around and do some proper visiting and commenting.

      Sending happy thoughts and smiles your way. xxoo

  5. This will be very interesting and I will look forward to it. My brother juices and I think that is dumb. I am hypoglycaemic so low carbs is it!

    1. Hi Birgit - it's great to see you here. I hope life's good! I agree with you - word is that juices are as bad as eating sugar, or worse yet, high fructose corn syrup. Better to throw the juice away and eat the pulp.

      I hope you stop by I'm hoping to have a few surprises... cross your fingers things come together.

      In the meantime - thank you, Birgit, for stopping by. Sending you smiles and happy thoughts. xxoo

  6. I'm not braving the A to Z (again) this year but I applaud those that do! Well, I think I'd manage an epic fail on the low carbs thing. I just love my pasta, potatoes and bread too much. Can do without the refined sugars though, they are eeevil.

    1. Hi Ian - thanks for dropping by. I totally get the need to give the A to Z a pass, I did that in 2014 due to renovations taking over my life.

      Once we have the taste of those mouth watering carbs in our brain it's hard to get past the cravings. Alas, they will be the death of us. And yes... those refined sugars are eeevil.

  7. Hi Jenny - that's great you're joining us again .. I look forward to these - the theme is definitely one we should all have an idea about .. so more help and guidance is always helpful ..

    I've never mixed carbs with meat or fish ... practically all my life I've been like that - and definitely works for me ... I'm not that keen on carbs and do not eat bread except on odd occasions ...

    Your A-Z will be fun .. cheers Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary - so wonderful to see you here. :) Yes, I'm back for the A to Z. My daughter gave me the nudge as I was debating it.

      Back on Feb 4th I had a pretty serious car accident (3rd in 9 years, all due to others) and as I type this I'm lying in bed. hahaha, ah, the joys of neck and back pain.

      I am recovering, but slowly. I'm not the young thing of yesterday.

      I like your eating strategy - no carbs with protein - sounds good. I've perfected a bread recipe for Mom made from coconut flour. I blogged about it a while ago, but have since tweaked it. It will be featured in my A to Z posts.

      I'm looking forward to seeing what your theme will be - you are so creative and your posts are always so informative.

      Thanks for stopping by Hilary, - I'm sending you hugs and smiles. xoxo

  8. Welcome back to the Challenge!
    We eat a lot of carbs though. Fortunately, my wife and I are both thin.
    The Great Theme Reveal is March 21 if you'd like to join us then as well.

    1. Thanks Alex - I'm excited to be participating. This will be a new twist for me as I generally like winging it. However, I have decided this topic needed some serious air time and so... yes, I will be planning out most of the month's posts.

      I will definitely partake in the Great Theme Reveal - I guess I should have looked into that. Oh well, it will be a double whammy. :) :)

      Lucky you eating carbs and being thin - you know we all hate you for that right! LOL Well, enjoy them for me.

  9. I'm preparing to launch my self-help memoir about food, weight and eating, along with a simple plan to address the issues and lose weight. I considered using the A to Z to promote, especially since my first draft of the manuscript was written in A to Z format. But I've opted out, just can't do it this year. Your topics sound interesting!

    1. Hi Karen, sounds like an interesting book. I've been knee deep in so many amazing books - hot so much the self-help variety but definitely the research kind into things like - the different kinds of fat, the cholesterol myth, diabetes and its cure, and of course lots of reading on the immune system.

      Suffice it to say I feel like I've been to med school and back. There will be some serious discussions in my posts about the medical establishment as it exists now and how, for the most part, it's killing us.

      Anyway - I'm looking forward to sharing it all.

  10. I signed up also. YAY!! Will be fun to read your posts. You're more organised than I....I better get going OY!

    1. HI Leigh, thanks for dropping in and taking a look at my topic for the upcoming A to Z. I'm glad you're on board too - it will be a great one this year. (not that they all haven't been great to date - hahaha)

      I'm not as organized as I let on... trust me, at heart I'm a winger... always will be. But, for this topic a little organization is in order.

      Hope all is sunny and bright in your world!

  11. It may be a lonely month for me as all you folks will be A to Zing it. I'm pretty sure I'll opt out this year. I'm sort of taking a sabbatical from blog land anyways. Too many other irons in the fire this year. I'll be stopping by to have a peak though!

    1. Hey Bushman - been thinking lots about you. How's it going?
      I totally get your situation this year. If Miss CP hadn't twisted my arm I might not be doing it myself.

      But... she wants the company and I really want to share my #LCHF journey I've taken Mom on and how it's pretty much reversed her diabetes.

      Miss CP and I had an epic car accident back on Feb 4th - I'm still in recovery mode (lying in bed typing on my Surface 3 - which I like).

      Let's have a behind the scene visit. I hope all is well, I've been sending healthy, happy vibes to Angel - let her know I'm thinking of her and sending smiles. She's rounding the corner on this wonderful journey but I imagine it can't be easy. So let her know I send happy thoughts to her.

      Until later - I'm sending you some smiles too. :) :)

  12. What a fabulous topic - and one I am very interested in reading!

    I look forward to connecting on a frequent basis during the month of April :)

    1. Hi Molly, welcome to Pearson Report.

      I do hope to see you around during the A to Z challenge - and whenever you're in the blogging neighbourhood.

      Sending smiles your way. :) :)

  13. What a great topic and kudos for you for being way, way, way ahead of the power curve this year. I mean not only do you have a topic, you have your posts organized and titles and best of all your inspiration! Go you, Jenny! It's great to see you too :)

    1. Hey!! Hi Elsie, what a treat. I've resurfaced and decided to get back into the blogging groove by doing the A to Z.

      I saw you had posted via my blogroll so I went and checked you out - great post. I'm always impressed with what you offer us. I come away with some added knowledge about a subject I'm not familiar with - but find quite fascinating.

      I'm sending smiles and happy thoughts your way. xxoo

  14. Wonderful! Welcome to the A to Z Challenge!


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