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Hello, and welcome to Pearson Report.

My name is Jenny.

I write about things I see, things I do, 
and things that pique my curiosity.


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This is where you will find my entries for the yearly Blogging from A-Z Challenge.

I entered for the first time in 2011 and loved it. As I signed up literally on April 1st I had nothing prepared - it was then I discovered how much fun I had winging it!

In 2012 I had the pleasure of being one of the co-hosts - loved it then too - but didn't have the chance to "wing it" with my post so I did something quite different.

For 2013 I went back to "winging it' and can't express how much fun it was to see what came to mind on a day to day basis!

For 2014  I took a break. Home renovations, of epic proportions prevented me from participating. Now, if a day had 26 hours - I might have made it happen!  :)

For 2015 I had the pleasure of working with Arlee, from Tossing It Out (creator of the A to Z Challenge), as part of his Ambassador Team. It was an added highlight. I was totally impressed with the wonderful bloggers who participated and completed the Challenge.
As per my winging it preference I made up a mock Theme Calendar - then surprised myself by following it, in winger fashion. It was one of the best Challenges for me.

These photos are stitched photos of various outings I go on. I love Vancouver and the many beautiful municipalities that surround it - on any given sunny day (and most of the cloudy ones too) I'm likely to be out enjoying some part of Metro Vancouver.

I'm constantly adding links to this page - seems there's no end of wonderful things to do here.
If you want more information about something that isn't posted here - leave a comment and I'll get on it.

As you make your way around Pearson Report you will note I have linked many of my photos to the areas they represent so don't hesitate to click on a link below a photo - it will open up a wonderful world of additional information. Great for tourists wanting to get a feel for what Vancouver and beautiful British Columbia have to offer.


All photos are taken by me - if I use work form another source I credit it under the photo. All written work is original. Both photos and writing are copyright protected.

If you wish to share any of my blog’s content please contact me - my email address is located on my Profile Page.

I enjoy finding out about the visitors and followers to Pearson Report so please feel free to leave a comment, perhaps with a link to your blog/website, so I might drop by and return the Hello.



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